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Selecting the right leaders for the mission and ensuring they can transition well
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Awareness   Step 2: Adjustment

After the newly appointed leader has worked through the Leader Transition Worksheet, they will hopefully have identified and evaluated the key elements that may affect their transition.  The role of the coach is to then work through with them the areas they will want to prioritize. 

In this adjustment step, the new leader will create a Transitions Development Plan using the template provided.  The coach will talk them through the areas they have identified on the worksheet and help them create a development plan to meet those needs.   A key role of the coach is to ensure that the goals are SMART.

It is hoped that the new leader will participate fully within a good coaching/mentoring structure to help ensure effective growth and development as they transition.   Although there will inevitably be much pressure to “achieve” in the early days of a transition, those who are the most effective leaders in the long term take time to adjust, get to know their team and the role and make space for their own growth and development.

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