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Selecting the Leader   Step 3: Selecting the Leader

It is not uncommon to find that as you get to the step of Selecting a Leader, you actually find that you need more information.  Sometimes this can be missing biographical information, but often it can be details that require a follow-up interview with one or more candidates.  We have included some of the more usual follow-up questions in the Sample interview questions resource.  Budgeting extra time in the process is really helpful to ensure you don’t rush a decision because of time pressures.

The necessary information on the candidates should by this point have been included on the Candidate Summary Sheet from the previous step. To ensure the best fit, you may also need to revisit the Leadership Tracking Summary Card, Job Description and Role Competency Map (also used in the Listing Candidates step).  When you are content that all the relevant information has been gathered then, again prayerfully, work through the summary report and consider who the most suitable candidate would be.  Their competency, their “fit” in the team and their availability, as well as your own spiritual discernment, will all be factors.

When you are all comfortable with the decision, the successful candidate should be invited to take up the role.  Depending on the unexpectedness of the appointment and the amount of change involved, the candidate should be given an appropriate period of time for reflection and prayer, before being required to give a response.

Once the candidate has accepted the position, work needs to begin on the leader transition process, including the timeline for transition and any developmental needs they may have.  Careful thought also needs to be given to how the decision is to be announced and the sequencing of the order in which key stakeholders should find out.  If you don’t oversee the sequencing, Facebook will probably do it for you!

For good people-management and in case questions are asked later, all materials related to the process should be archived to preserve a record of the process.




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