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Listing Candidates   Step 1: Listing Candidates

During the Listing Candidates step we are seeking to generate a shortlist of potential candidates who may be qualified for the vacant leadership role. To do this we first need to determine the qualifications, skills and experience required for the role.  This will come initially from the existing Job Description, but should probably be revised.  To do this, we have included an "Identifying Leadership Needs Worksheet" that will help you look at the competencies required of the new leader, to fulfil the role effectively.

You will want to invite appropriate people to suggest nominations for the role.  Determining who should be involved in this process is often complicated, but wherever possible, as wide a group as possible should be asked.  As well as the appropriate senior leadership team, the team that the new leader will oversee should be consulted.  There are also a number of other peers to the new leader and internal partners that may add great wisdom.  We have included a Nominations Request Sheet that you may want to send to the stakeholders involved in creating this pool of potential leaders.  Always remember to give a deadline for the return of nominations.

As a leadership team, you may have already used a tool such as the Staff Tracking Summary Sheet as part of a succession planning process.  This source of background information will also be extremely helpful in determining the pool of candidates.

When the list of potential leaders has been compiled, you will hopefully have a large pool of potential leaders to consider.  At this stage you will want to consult with other relevant leaders and carefully and prayerfully narrow the list down to between 3 and 5 candidates that most closely match the criteria and competencies you have identified.

When the relevant leaders have agreed, the candidates should be approached and asked to enter the selection process.





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