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Gathering Information   Step 2: Gathering Information

The Gathering information step is central to ensuring an accurate picture is completed of each of the possible candidates.  This step starts with references being taken up for each of the candidates.  There may be others that are pertinent, but we’d recommend you take up references from:

  • their current team leader
  • one or two teammates
  • one or two direct reports

In a Christian organisation where the wellbeing of the family is also a key factor, a more informal reference or discussion with the candidate’s spouse may also be helpful.  We have included sample reference questions you may want to use.

These references should be collected, evaluated and summarized before any interviews take place.  We have included sample interview questions for you to use.  Interviews are always best carried out face to face, but where this is not possible, video conferencing is more effective than just audio. 

There are many personality, psychometric and other assessment tools that can help add knowledge of the candidates to this process.  Care needs to be taken that any assessments used have been validated for the purpose of assessing people for new roles.

Once all the information from references, interviews, assessments and any other biographical detail has been gathered together, for each of the candidates, you, along with other appropriate members of the leadership, will prayerfully determine which candidate(s) appears to be most qualified or appropriate for the role.

For most organisations, this information and recommendation is submitted to the senior leadership team who will make the final decision.  A Candidate Summary Sheet has been provided for this purpose.

The following tools will help in this process:




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